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Rules of the auction - please refer to the relevant page (LIVE AUCTION LIST and RULES).

Rules of a tender and sale:-

1. Bids must be sent to Ryncor Auctioneers by:
- fax to 086 696 5471 / 086 558 4185 / 086 558 5030;  - or by e-mail to:  - or tender box.

Important Notice: - The Bidder is responsible to ensure/confirm, that all bids submitted electronically / by fax /  hand delivered in Tender Box, have actually been received by Ryncor, for inclusion in the Tender Sale process!

2. The Seller is the sole owner of these goods. Ryncor Auctioneers acts as an agent for and on behalf of the Seller and does not have any rights title or interest in the ownership of these goods and does not accept any liability to any third party with regard to these goods.

3. A “Tender Sale” is a private treaty sale in which the Seller reserves the right to refuse an offer at any time without any justification or explanation. The Seller reserves the right to merge or split some lots and to withdraw items from the sale.
* Ryncor reserves the right not to accept the highest bid or any other bid!
* Ryncor reserves the right to negotiate with the Buyer a better price if the Seller rejects the highest bid.
* The negotiated price shall not be less than the highest bid received on auction/tender

4. The Seller reserves the right to withhold delivery of items to any successful bidder until full payment is received.

5. Buyers will take full responsibility for the items as soon as final payment is received by Ryncor Auctioneers.

6. After awarding of the winning bid(s), the purchase price plus 5% buyers commission for all Sasol tenders, 10% Buyers commission for all other tenders and VAT applicable of 15%, must be transferred within 48 hours to Ryncor Auctioneer's bank account:
Bank:                                            ABSA
Branch:                                        Pretoria North
Branch code:                               632005
Account Number:                        4053081330
Please state your reference number (Example: PSEC000) as shown on the Pro-Forma Invoice on all payments made to this account and faxor email proof  of  payment to  086 696 5471 /
All cash deposits including ATM cash deposits into this account are subject to a "Cash Deposit Fee" of  R1.60 per R100.00

On all credit /debit card transactions, a 5% surcharge will be charged. 

6.1 If invoices are being paid by cheque or bank guarantee cheque, there will be a 10 day waiting period before the collection of the items can proceed.

7. Foreign Buyers will be refunded for the VAT after receipt of the original exportation documentation properly stamped to prove that the export has been carried out.

8. Should the Buyer fail to proceed to pay in full within 48 hours or cancel his bid, Ryncor Auctioneers will be entitled to a penalty fee amounting to 20% of the bid amount from the Buyer and the registration fee as compensation for admin costs. 

Important Notice: -
If financing is arranged through a Financial Institution, it must be noted that the required evaluation / approval / inspection of the commodity being purchased from Sasol, be done beforehand and on site Sasol RMM. No commodity will be allowed to leave Sasol's premises until paid in full!

9. Once payment reflects in the Ryncor bank account, the Buyer will receive a release Note within 48 hours. The Buyer then has ten (10) working days after the payment date to collect/remove his purchased goods from the premises. Failure to collect/remove the purchased items/vehicles within ten (10) working days will result in the items/vehicles being sold on a new Tender Sale, to recover Admin/storage fees. Any remaining proceeds from this sale will be reimbursed to the Buyer.

Collection should be arranged with the Site one day in advance to allow arrangements for booking at Security collection times and days:
* Monday to Thursday 7am to 3pm; however arrival times for large items involving cranes and major loading procedures is NO later than 1pm.
* Late arrivals will not be accommodated and turned away
* No collections on Fridays

10. If it appears that an item cannot be delivered, totally or partially, by the Seller, for any reason whatsoever, Ryncor Auctioneers will be authorized to declare the sale null and void, after which Ryncor Auctioneers and/or the Seller will reimburse payments to the Buyer, but will not be liable to pay any damages to the Buyer.

11. The items (complete and/or parts) are sold “as is, where is”, with no guarantee as regards to condition including any hidden flaws. In any event, the Buyer will be deemed to have carefully inspected the items he purchases beforehand. The Buyer will be deemed competent and to have been informed, before the closing date for biddings, of any error in the descriptions as well as any flaws or imperfections of the items.

12. The Seller shall not be liable for any damage to the Buyer’s professional property, resulting from any flaws in the items.

13. Collection/dismantling of the items sold will be entirely at the buyer’s cost and under his responsibility. Neither the Seller nor Ryncor Auctioneers shall be liable to the Buyer or any third party for additional costs due to the removal of the Items/vehicle from the Sasol premises. The Buyer shall be liable for any accident, damage to persons, to buildings or to the third party’s property during dismantling and/or collection.

Note :
* Contact our office on telephone Pretoria-North: 012-546-8409/11, Meyerton:  (016) 366-4046. Sasolburg: 016-960-2992, Secunda: 017-610-1606 to get details of Sasol approved Contractors. 
* Only roadworthy and licensed vehicles will be allowed on Sasol's premises. All vehicles will be inspected on arrival. If any defect is found as per the Road traffic legislation, a traffic violation notice will be issued by the Sasol traffic department. The vehicle will be turned away and loading can be refused due to safety risks and hazards.
* No children, firearms or alcohol are allowed on the Sasol premises.
* No Cameras, or Cell phones for the taking of photos are allowed on the Sasol premises.
* The removal must be arranged in its totality by the Buyer with no safety risk to Sasol.
* All goods may only be removed from Monday to Thursday and from 7:00 - 15:00 and Friday 7:00 - 11:00 at Pretoria-North, Sasolburg, Meyerton & Secunda.

14. Neither the Seller nor Ryncor Auctioneers will be held responsible for the condition, description, quality, dimensions, year of manufacturing and completeness of the items as shown in the catalogue.

15. Pictures of the items shown in the Tender Sale documents/sales catalogue or sales lists are provided for the sole purpose of better differentiation and under no circumstances do they represent properties or characteristics of the items for sale.

16. Removal of the goods from the site shall be the responsibility of the Buyer, who shall remove the goods not later than ten (10) working days from the invoice date, having made prior arrangements to do so with Ryncor Auctioneers.  The Buyer will be responsible for obtaining at his own expense, all necessary equipment for the removal of the Goods. Where the Vendor gives assistance to the Buyer in connection with such removal, such assistance is given entirely at the Buyer's risk. Should items not be removed within the specified time frame, then Ryncor Auctioneers reserves the right to resell or dispose of the items without incurring any liability to the Buyer, or without prejudice claims of the Vendor or Auctioneer against the Buyer for breach of contract. The Buyer's also forfeits any deposit paid to Ryncor Auctioneers. Ryncor Auctioneers also reserves the right to charge the Buyer rent and costs incurred due to non-removal of lots.  The Buyer will be responsible for all damages caused to the building, plant and machinery or other lots, be it caused by the Buyer or any appointed contractor.

17. The Buyer declares to be duly entitled to sign and purchase the items on behalf of his company/cc/trust and agrees with the abovementioned general conditions of sale by Tender.

18. Please note: An additional administration fee of R2500,00 will be charged on the sale of all vehicles, motorcycles, trailers and all other items sold with registration documents. A copy of the ID document and proof of residence is mandatory for bidding on any vehicle !!

19. The above mentioned items will be sold as "SCRAP".  The items are hereby sold to the Buyer as ("voetstoots, as is, where is") and Ryncor Auctioneers do not guarantee in any manner the quality and usefulness of the Items, except that when properly used it will not create a risk to health, nor shall Ryncor Auctioneers be responsible for any defects latent or patent or any damages resulting there from, and the Buyer hereby agrees to accept the items as they are with all their defects.
The estimated mass (in ton) in the "Description" column is only a theoretical weight, and will be confirmed once the goods are loaded over the Secunda RMM / Meyerton / Sasolburg  weighbridge, for final reconciliation and payment/refund!

20. When doing a site visit to view the Goods up for a Tender Sale, the prospective Buyer must ensure he arranges to be booked in by a Sasol Supply chain Services Redundant Materials Management employee the day prior to his visit on;
Tel no: 017-610-1606 (Secunda),  Tel no: 016-960-2992 (Sasolburg) and Tel no: 016-366-4046 (Meyerton). 
Important note: - A bar coded ID document and the correct PPE wear is also required. Visitors/Contractors are required to view a safety video at the Sasol Security Offices

20.1. The SA Immigration Act. has strict requirements for any ‘Other Country National (OCN)' that plan to visit South Africa. In order to operate within the parameters of the law it is critical to ensure that access to Sasol premises is aligned with the relevant legal requirements outlined in the Act. Therefore all OCN individuals must notify SASOL RMM/RYNCOR 72 hours (working hours) before intending to visit the Sasol site and send a copy of the valid passport and work permit / business endorsements in order to ensure compliance, alignment and easy access to Sasol premises.

21. The Buyer hereby, in terms of Section 10 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, No 85 of 1993, undertakes in writing or by signing of a Letter of Award to take all the necessary steps to ensure, as far as it is reasonably practical, that the items purchased will be used in a safe manner for what they are designed for and without risks to health when properly used and that it complies with the prescribed requirements. The undertaking shall have the effect of relinquish Ryncor Auctioneers and Sasol Shared Services the duty imposed upon them by this Section 10 to such an extent as may be reasonable having regard to the terms of the undertaking.

22. The Buyer further undertakes to abide by all internal SHE (Safety, Health & Environmental) prescriptions of the Seller (Company) inclusive of requirements for the safe decommissioning, dismantling, up-liftment / rigging, loading and transportation of the purchased commodities. Depending of the nature and size of the purchased item, a comprehensive Environmental Management Plan (EMP) could be required. (This aspect to be discussed by the prospective Buyer when submitting his bid)

23. The rules of this Tender Sale comply with section 45 of the Consumer Protection Act, 68 of 2008 ("the Act")  and the regulations thereto. Any person attending the Tender Sale to bid on behalf of another person must produce a letter of authority which meets the requirements of regulation 32(3) of the regulations to the Act. Any person bidding on behalf of a company must produce a letter of authority on the letterhead of the company as well as a certified copy of a resolution authorising him or her to bid. All persons intending to bid must register prior to the Tender Sale and must provide a copy of their identity documents and proof of residence.

24. The Buyer shall indemnify and keep Ryncor Auctioneers/Sasol  indemnified against all losses for death or injury to its employees, its contractors and / or its contractors losses for death or injury to its employees, its contractors and / or its contractors personnel and / or death or injury or damage to health of third parties or damage to anything attributable to this sales transaction, and against all claims, demands, proceedings, costs, charges and expenses arising in connection with this sale agreement.

Important Notice: - For the removal of equipment/structures/plant facilities from any Sasol BU/Plant or Mine area, the successful Bidder must enter into a Memorandum of Agreement with Sasol. All successful bidders for TV sets must furnish Ryncor with a copy of his/her valid TV license before the Release Note for removing the set will be issued!